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Peachpit Press has a new and exciting series called FuelBooks. The books (writted by authors such as yours truly) are designed and crafted to give you the practical tips you need to succeed —in the format you want and at a reasonable cost. They are quick-hitting, practical, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Please e-mail me with feedback and to submit ideas for future books!

I am in love with digital Holga photography. The photos have a “retro-cool” look that speaks to my soul. They are stylish without trying to be and can be artistic yet not pretentious. To get started, all you need is an inexpensive plastic digital Holga SLR lens compatible with your camera.

A lot goes into making a compelling photograph of rivers, lakes, or falling water. Part of the challenge lies in knowing how to work your camera and use good techniques. You also need to hone your sense of timing and use the weather conditions to your advantage. Use everything at your disposal and have fun!

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